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27 June 2006 @ 03:20 pm
Wow, it's been forever since I've updated my journal. I was almost forgetting that I had this one here. I've not really had much time to really think about updating this journal at all. I've been busy working and watching Asian dramas (My newest obssession) and also keeping up on reading manga scanlations. Also, making sure my icontest community, gravi_awards, goes well and things like that.

Perhaps some of you are wondering where I work? Well, I got a job at Toys 'R Us. I've been working there since May, so it's already going to be two months since I started working there. The pay is alright and it's not terribly hard, so I'm making it through alright. In fact, I have to go to work today in about an hour and a half...so I'll need to get off to get ready for work.

It's summer and I'm not really gonna do anything fun. Oh well, not that I mind that much anywho. I've never done anything fun before during the summer before so it's no big deal.
Well, it's about time I go and get ready for work. Bye bye.
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19 December 2005 @ 04:20 pm
Yo, peeps. Did you all think I was dead!? Well, think again!! I am very much alive. I've just been busy with a couple of things...heh. Like my other LJ for example. If you all don't know it, it's liquescence. I'll warn you though, I hardly ever update on that one either. It's only an icontest journal and a journal I can test out some layouts on.

well, now for updates on the Boring Life of Erica...nothing's really happened. I'm on Winter Break and it feels hella awesome. I've been into reading a bunch of online manga and entering a bunch of icontests, that I really haven't had the time for anything else. Oooh! And if you're a lover of the anime/manga Gravitation and you think you make spiffy icons, then go check out gravi_awards. I'm a mod there and I want to make it freakin' popular! It's been around for a while, but lately it seems as if it's dying away, and I don't want that, so I'm gonna promote it as much as I can.

I changed my layout, on a lighter note. It's a different S2 style. It's a rather plain looking one, but I really don't care. It serves it's purpose and that's all I can ask for. I wanna fix up my info page a bit...well, I wanna change the whole damn thing. It's getting boring and so it's time for a change since I have plenty of time now.

Ha, I just realized this now, but the last time I updated was when it was my b-day which was a hella long time ago. I'm sorry for the long time periods of time between my posts, but I can't really help it. And I'm really sorry that I don't even keep in touch with anyone anymore. I'm usually never on my MSN or my AIM...and when I do get on, there's no one there since I really didn't have a lot of people there to start with. But, I plan on getting on both messenger thingies a lot during this break, so if anyone ever wants to talk, I'll be here. I believe both MSN and AIM names are on my info page, so just look me up and IM me if you want.

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25 September 2005 @ 10:54 pm
Yes, that's right people...it's my birthday. And damn, I'm already 17!!! Can you believe it!? I can't! But I can say that I don't feel any different...however when I think about it I start to get a but iffy about how old I am now. It's like I can still remember when I was 14! Maaaan, time flies!

Well, as for my day, it was very enjoyable, I'm very happy to say. I was able to have a really wonderful lunch with my family. There was no faults with the food and I was very happy to spend time with all of my family on my special day. After that, we went to my Grandma's house to sing happy birthday to me and eat my yummy Strawberry Cake. I was really happy...! Since my Aunt's birthday is tomorrow, the day after mine, we also sang her happy b-day because we wouldn't be able to sing it to her tomorrow because she's going to be very busy tomorrow. That was fun too.

when we were finished talking and eating cake, we went back to my house to chill for a bit before I went out to dinner with my friends. While I waited, I got to count my b-day money! In total, I got $130...man, oh, man was that a lot to me! I was used to being poor since I have no job!! Hehe.

Well, I changed my smelly clothes from lunch and wore something different. I ended up picking up two of my friends and going to Olive Garden with them. It was a very nice dinner with very close friends who I talk to a lot. In total there were about seven of us including myself. I really didn't want to have a humongous thing so hence the small group of friends I invited. It was a very joyous event with people who were just as close as family to me. The only thing that got me a little pissed was the stupid waiter...I really think he cheated us some money...but oh well, no use crying over spilled milk.

Overall, I had a really awesome day. I hope that all my birthdays will turn out this good in the future. Oh yeah!! I won first place in bishounenawards!! I'm sooooo happy about that. Haha. Silly me, huh? I just wanted to share bit of information with everyone. Well, I need to do a couple of more things on the compy before I go and hit the hay.

Happy 17th Birthday to MEEEE!! >D!
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23 September 2005 @ 10:04 pm
Well, today was surely interesting. Because of the hurricane I had no school today. It seems that the evacuees are taking refuge here in the schools. And so all the schools here had no school. It was nice not waking up early today, especially since it's a Friday. I feel very fortunate to not get hit by the hurricane...but this city could use some rain. =/

My day, I'd say, was rather well spent. Today Jenie took me and my little sister to go see Corpse Bride. It was a really good movie! I liked it and I think everyone should go see it if they have a chance. I was happy I didn't have to pay for myself because Jenie did. But of course she only did it because it was my birthday present...did I mention my birthday was on Sunday? Well, it is!

Yep, I'm turning 17 this year. It's hard to believe it, to be honest. I sort of feel old. Well, my plans for my b-day are just to have lunch with my family and then dinner with my friends. I'm hoping to go out to eat at a nice restaurant. All I have to do is make sure that everyone can go and stuff. Let's hope it all goes well.

I've been noticing that, nowadays, birthdays aren't really special anymore. I mean sometimes they are forgotten or taken for granted. I myself, like to make it a very special day. It's probably the only day that I feel like I can do whatever I want without getting in trouble. I usually demand that everyone be nice to me and not start any fights or arguments with me. But that's beside the point.

Well, in school it's going pretty good. My Chemistry class is alright, I'm passing that class. I'm doing quite well in my Spanish II class. I got a 96 on the first test, so that made me real happy. Orchestra is going good too, as it always does so I can't complain about that. Piano. We have our first recital on Wednesday the 28th in the evening. I'm playing this piece called Allegro in D minor. It's a cool song...only that it's five pages long and is supposed to go fast, but I'm sure I'll be able to pull it off. And last is my AP U.S. History class. Now that class is suuuuper boring. The teacher gives a bunch of work and all that stuff. It's not that it's hard, just that it's a lot to do. But I'm sure I'll make do.

I'm really bored and mellow right now. I think I'm going to watch some D.N. Angel after I finish posting this. Well, I hope everyone's been okay and safe from all the disaster that's been going on. I wouldn't want anything to happen to anyone.

Everyone take care!
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27 August 2005 @ 02:10 pm
Well, it's been a busy first two weeks at school. It's been filled with lots of homework, bunches of quizzes and all that stuff. It was good to see all of my friends again. It was sort of like there was never summer break. I've seemed to already used to going to school again.

I feel sort of bad because I haven't been in contact with a lot of people lately. Like people I know from the Internet. I'm sorry if it seems that I'm not on all that much anymore, but there are just times when I can't seem to get on...or I forget to get on my messengers. I miss everyone that I used to talk to, but now I just don't seem to have the time to talk anymore. One person I really miss talking to is Luis. I'm sure he probably doesn't feel the same because I know that I annoy him a lot, but I really had a bunch of fun talking to him. Also I miss talking to Jenn. I really don't know what happened to her or even if she still gets on, but she was a really cool person. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch her the next time I see her on.

Well, other than going to school, I've been going on a manga download craze. I suppose that is also another reason why I don't seem to sign on my AIM much. Right now, I'm completely blank. I don't know what exactly I'm feeling. It's quite odd, but very welcomed. I haven't really been in good moods. It's weird because sometimes I can be super loud and funny, but then there are times when i won't even speak. I guess you can say I have really bad mood swings. I think everyone has them regardless of what they might say, but I think I had a rather extreme case of it.

Well, today's Saturday, and I really am bored and a bit lazy. I did make a couple of icons for various icontests and I fixed up my userinfo page some. If you look, you'll see the theme is Trigun. :D Hm, Well, I think that's all I have for today.

Until next time.
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05 August 2005 @ 11:22 pm
Weee...Hello everyone. Yes, I know...I'm updating so soon...usually I would take millenniums to update again..! But well, I was bored and decided to post some stupid little post.

On Wednesday I went to go pick up my schedule for school...and I really think it sucks arse =/!! One, they didn't put me in Orchestra...which I belong in...and will be the future section leader of the viola section..! And they need me...seriously. And I'm not saying that because I think I'm a good player...I know I suck...but no offense to them, but there are others who are way worse than myself. So next year on my Senior year...I will take over the Viola Section! Yay for me...but until then, I must catch up on my credits. Well, I shall show off my ooglie schedule!

First Semester
First Block - PreAP/GT Pre-Calculus ~ A good class since I'm quite good in Math..♥
Second Block - Accelerated Social Studies III ~ A bunch of shit class...I don't need this! It's for the TAKS...a stupid state test. I passed last year's test so why do I have to take it..! >/
Third Block - Spanish II ~ Okay, I need to take this class...but I plan on taking it in the summer! And and and...This is where Orchestra should be..! >(
LUNCH ~ Oh yeah..!
Fourth Block - Piano ~ My favorite class in the whole entire universe..! And with my favorite teacher too! =D
Fifth Block - AP/GT U.S. History ~ Okay..this class is fine..but I don't like the teacher...! I heard she was a hard teacher! I wanted it with another teacher...waahh...*Sniff*

Second Semester
1st - Math Models ~ Uhh...why do I need this?!?! They're wasting a perfectly god credit for this shit?! CURSE YOU...!
2nd - Accelerated Science III ~ Again, one of those stupid TAKS classes....in other words, a waste of my time! God..and this teacher...he creeped my the hell out when I had Biology with him....*Shudder*
3rd - PreAP/GT Chemistry ~ I need this class..no complaining....except I heard the teacher is boring...oh well. I'm going to have to drop of Orchestra this semester, so yeah...I know, it sucks, but I have to do what I have to do. =/
LUNCH ~ My third(after Piano and Orchestra) most favorite part of the day..! ♥
4th - Piano My most favorite part of school..! Yaaaay...gotta love the piano~ness!
5th - English III ~ I heard the teacher was pretty easy...so yay for me!

So there is my wonderful(not) school schedule for this coming school year! Oh joy...*Sarcasm* We start on August 15th...about a week from this coming Monday. Blah, I hope I can fix up my mess of a schedule...!

On a lighter note. I completely took away my spiffy layouts. Now I just have a plain, 'ol S2 layout that I messed with. Pretty blue~ness, huh? =D Well, that's all now, byee!
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03 August 2005 @ 09:22 pm
Well, well...I'm in like 'what the hell' mode right now. =/ I suppose what happened serves me right...but I mean not being told of it...now that's completely (excuse my language)....dick. I really don't wanna be bitchy right now. I'd like to think that I've gotten over little skirmishes that happened awhile back...

Gosh...and no matter how nice I am to people, it just isn't enough, huh? Well, fuck that. =/ I mean...I was superly nice to her and everything. But nooo..that is never enough. I do suppose I am taking this a bit out of hand...but fuck that. I feel like venting so I fucking will!

Now, I really don't want to mention what exactly happened because I'm sure if I do, she'll comment and start some whole new shit that I don't want to get into right now. I really don't need more shit to add on to the pile I have right now. God, I suppose I realize why Jenie disliked her so much? I have to admit...I was never quite close with her. But I was freaking nice!

Dammit...today wasn't really such a great day. And now this. This is just really retarded. I just blew a bunch of steam out with those words I have just sprouted out. Oh well...if someone is offended by this, then sorry. It's how I feel so deal with it. I really did want to mention exactly what happened, but I want to avoid any bitchiness. And by past experiences, I know how bitchy people can get...Oh boo~fuckin'~hoo!

Have a nice day..! :D
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27 July 2005 @ 10:07 pm
Hello folks. I bet everyone is like...."OMB...SHE'S ALIVE. =O!" Yeah well, I am believe it or not. I've just been a little lazy with updating and stuff. Ehmm...I suppose I spent most of my time reading fanfiction *shakes fist at fanfiction.net* Curse you for being so addictive! And also working on my icon making! Yes, yes. I've been fiddling around with things on my Adobe Photoshop CS and stuff...Yeah. That's always fun.

Ehmm...well, I've won some awards for my experiments with my icons. Yeppers. But once I get those banners I'll be sure to share all of 'em. I've been really thinking of doing a make-over on my LJ. It's just too ugly..=/ I mean...a complete make over. That includes my user info, as well. I made a temporary layout for my friends page...but it's nothing special. I know that this comes out of no where but, sometimes I wonder if i'm such a great layout/icon maker...I see so many other much prettier layouts out there and I get all discouraged in my abilities. I know that I shouldn't, but I can't help it.

Oh, I found out that I start school on August 15th. Damn does that suck. I was superly mad when I found that out. It's not that I don't want to go to school, it's just that it's waaay soon that I had hoped. But I suppose it's gonna be fine. And damn...I'm a freakin' junior already. Where have all the years gone?? I can still remember my freshman year...ahh...when I was a stupid, little fish. Feh. I think my sophomore year went by even faster though. Well, I hope this coming year won't be such a bother or won't give me problems...

It's weird, but it's like I don't really care all that much anymore. Like not school-wise, because I know I will do my best and stuff, but I mean like friends wise. I've had too many bad things go wrong with friends that I think I will not allow anyone to get too close. There were too many times when the person who I thought I could trust stabbed me in the back one way or another. It's not a very pleasant feeling. But I'm happy to say i got over it and I really could care less now.

I sort of like the person I am now. I remember I used to be the nice, 'let-people-step-all-over-you' kind of person back when I was younger. But now, I don't let people do that. sure, I'm still nice, but I won't let anyone get close or step all over me. I think that's the best way I could be at this point in my life. I'm tired of being the one that people use. Now I want to change that weak person and be someone who can stand on my own. I don't want to depend on anyone or anything....yeah.

Well, before I make this post even longer than it should be, I'll be going now.
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10 July 2005 @ 03:26 pm
Weeee...well, hello, hello. *Yawn* I'm a little bored right now and I have nothing to do. Perhaps I shall go make some icons? There have been a lot of icon contests that I joined..heh, I guess you can say I went a little over board with all of them..but that's okay. On top of that I still have to make some icons for my own community. That shouldn't be so hard. I can't really decide if I shall make Dir en Grey or Malice Mizer icons first. I'm not really sure if how long I should do my little 'Faces of J-rock' thing. Humm..

Let's see. I've been actually quite busy these past weeks. I'm playing in a musical called Anything Goes. The music isn't all that difficult but I just have to practice it and stuff, which I shall do later on today. This has just been my first day off since a long time. It's a bit tiring but it's definitely worth it.

I have some big new as well! Yes, yes. Well, I decided to make another LJ. It's going to be like an icon contest and layout testing LJ. I just need to join all the communities that I've joined and then I shall be happy. It's liquescence, just in case anyone wants to add it. I really don't have any friends there, obviously.

Blah..I'm super tired right now. Well, that's all for now.
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20 June 2005 @ 10:11 pm
Weeee...hello people. How is everyone doing? Fine? Well, that's wonderful to hear. I myself am doing pretty spiffy myself. Just got done setting up my new layout. Isn't he gorgeous? >D That's Umeda Hokuto from Hana-Kimi, which I really need to start buying the manga of. It's a little different from my previous colorful layouts. I decided to do the plain black, white, and gray color scheme. I think it came out nice. I also discovered my new favorite tool in my Photoshop...my Magic Eraser! Yes, yes..it is a wonderful thing to use..n.n!

Well, I have some exciting news! I won my first icon contest! Yaaay for me. I got a really nice spiffy banner and all. Now I didn't win first place...or second....or third...but, I did win Best Color. You can go here to see my spiffy banner and the icon I won with. You can go there or to my info page to see the purdyful banner. Lol, the contest before I hadn't won..but that's okay! I guess for me, the second time was a charm. Weee..I was so happy about winning it was really weird. My sister, Jenie, was watching a movie and I was like..."OMG...I WON! YAAAY...LOOKIE JENIE..! I FREAKING WON!" In return...she just looked at me funny and went back to the movie. Lol. She really didn't know what I was talking about. But I felt like I needed to share my glory with someone and she was the closest person to me.

Ehh..oh yeah! I'm in summer school..just in case some people don't know. It's going good, actually. I've met some cool people in my class and it's all good in the hood! >D Well, today I was supposed to go practice for a musical called Anything Goes, but I skipped today. Heh heh...bad me, yes I know. >) The next practice is on Wednesday..so I'll be sure to go to that one.

Tomorrow is my little sister's birthday! Sooo, Happy B-day to my cute little sister! She's turning three already..waaah, they grow so fast! I can remember when she was a little baby. So cute and small. Now I have trouble picking her up because she's super big and heavy. On Friday, we're going to have a party for her, so that's coolness...

Ok! That's all, folks! I hope everyone has a good week and stuff! Ciao~!

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